Expanding Ocean Interoperability – Please Complete a Short Survey (deadline 18 january)

The WorldFAIR Oceans Science Case Study is asking for your help!  

The Case Study will gather guidance from partners across the project (and any collaborators or colleagues they invite) on how its central use case – the Ocean InfoHub – can best interoperate with digital assets and key stakeholders in their domains.

Please consider completing this short survey on expanding Ocean Interoperability to your domain: https://forms.gle/CMikgdmAY5YCci6P9 (The survey will close in mid-January.)

The results will be synthesised into a publicly available Roadmap (Deliverable 11.1) for enhancing cross-domain interoperability and pre-aligning with CODATA’s emerging cross-domain interoperability framework (CDIF).

The survey aims to understand your field’s familiarity with the FAIR principles and, for example, with formatting standards and metadata.  Above all, it aims to understand how outsiders can engage with metadata and data in your domain.  It will be important to reflect on and communicate any existing or potential areas of contact between your domain and Oceans Science.  

Please forward this survey to anyone you think would have the technical awareness to complete the survey and help us improve our understanding of existing and potential cross-domain interoperability with oceans science.

On behalf of Pier Luigi Buttigieg, AWI, Ocean InfoHub and WorldFAIR Oceans Science Case Study

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