• New data model: Exploring eDNA data

     8 June 2023 15:00 – 17:00 CEST Join us for an informative and engaging community webinar as we explore the latest updates and developments in eDNA and GBIF’s new data model. The agenda includes expert speakers sharing their insights and experiences with eDNA data publishing and a discussion and community engagement session as we explore…

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  • WorldFAIR Project: opening session to the WorldFAIR webinar series, 26 May 2023

    About the WorldFAIR webinar series The WorldFAIR Project is launching a webinar series discussing all published and upcoming project outputs. A full list of confirmed webinars is available here. The webinars will run from May 2023 to May 2024. They are free to attend. Each webinar will present a number of deliverables clustered thematically, and…

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  • Introducing the WorldFAIR Cultural Heritage Image Sharing Working Group

    This week the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) will publish the second deliverable for the Horizon Europe funded WorldFAIR Project Work Package 13, D13.2 Cultural Heritage Image Sharing Recommendations Report.  The report looks at previous efforts by the cultural heritage sector towards FAIR alignment and presents 5 recommendations broadly applicable to the work of Galleries,…

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  • WorldFAIR Project: First policy brief (Deliverable 1.3)

    Hodson, Simon; Gregory, Arofan In this policy brief the WorldFAIR project makes seven policy recommendations relevant to EOSC. Evidence and analysis is presented for each recommendation. The Policy Brief and recommendations draw on project deliverables and discussions held at workshops including project participants and wider stakeholders. The policy brief also includes a short report on…

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  • WorldFAIR Project webinar series announced

    The WorldFAIR Project is launching a webinar series aiming to promote and discuss all published and upcoming deliverables and project outputs. The webinars will run from May 2023 to May 2024. They are free to attend. Please note all webinars will be recorded and uploaded on the WorldFAIR YouTube channel and website. The following webinars…

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  • WorldFAIR at RDA Plenary 20: Synopsis 

    The WorldFAIR project partners were present at multiple breakout sessions throughout the RDA Plenary 20 week, either leading them or delivering short presentations. This section presents selected highlights of the project’s presence at the Plenary.  Describing diverse chemistry datasets across distributed data resources (FAIRChemistry – WP3, OneGeochemistry – WP5)The Chemistry Research Data Interest Group ran a session titled ‘Describing…

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