WorldFAIR Chemistry (WP3) News and Calls for Abstracts

Since June 2022, the IUPAC WorldFAIR Chemistry project has been constantly working through collaboration with related disciplines and data science communities to support broader data sharing of chemical data. This March, we are excited to share with you the launch of a couple of samplers, the Cookbook and the Protocol Services. We also would like to invite you to attend and submit abstracts for multiple chemical data sessions that we are co-organizing.

  1. Cookbook: The IUPAC FAIR Chemistry Cookbook sampler – a resource to support the broader community in using standards to implement the FAIR data principles for chemical data – has been released. As strategies for implementing FAIR evolve and the sharing and reuse of FAIR chemical data continues to rise, the Cookbook is an online platform developed to be a living and expanding resource. The overall goal is to get practical tools & tips in the hands of practicing chemists and those who support them to lower barriers and smooth the adoption of best practices for sharing and re-using FAIR chemical data. Don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts on Sample Recipes and Future Content sections via the Questionnaire or the Feedback & suggestions (free GitHub Login Required). Any suggestions for new recipes are also welcomed.
  2. Protocol Services: A new service prototype for supporting standard programmatic chemical data exchange and validation is also now available through the IUPAC FAIR Chemistry Protocol Services project. The services are intended to confirm chemical identity and provide real-time feedback on the machine-readability of chemical data and metadata representation based on IUPAC standard rule sets and community best practices. To engage community input, a conceptual framework and demo prototype (for demonstration only) is made available via We invite you to have a look at it and don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts using the Questionnaire or the Feedback & suggestions (free GitHub Login Required). Any suggestions for new services are also welcomed.

Invitation & Calls for Abstracts

  1. Call for Abstracts: Helping Chemists Manage their Data– ACS-Fall, Aug 13-17, 2023
    Submission HERE (submission deadline Apr 4, 2023) – Flyer 
  2. Call for Abstracts: CINF Chemical Data Summit – ACS-Fall, Aug 13-17, 2023. Flyer 
    Submission HERE (submission deadline Apr 4, 2023)
  3. Call for abstracts: Reusing Chemical Data Across-disciplines with CARE, TRUST, and Openness, IDW, October 2023.

Submission HERE (submission deadline May 15, 2023)

5. Watch them again! Prior webinars doc and recording are all available HERE 

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