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Plant-pollinator interactions are recognized for their key role in ecosystem functioning and sustainable agriculture. However, plant-pollinator data are currently stored in silos across multiple networks and country-specific initiatives. The capacity to integrate those data at regional and global levels is crucial to enable pattern analysis and understanding at biologically-relevant scales. In this context, adoption of community data standards on pollination and good practices is urgently needed.

This case study will ensure broad participation and alignment with other agricultural data initiatives in Europe and at the global level to facilitate the implementation of the FAIR data principles.

A survey of existing initiatives handling plant-pollinator interaction data will be conducted and an overview of the current status of best practices for plant-pollinator data management will be provided and discussed within the community for improvement. FAIR data assessment rubrics will be adapted for the plant-pollinator domain, to be accompanied by guidelines for their use. At least five agriculture-specific plant-pollination initiatives will serve as pilots for data and digital objects standards adoption.
RDA IGAD (Interest Group on Agricultural Data) is leading this effort together with partners in the Biodiversity Information Standards group already involved with developing standards for plant-pollination data in order to advance adoption.


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Agriculture-related pollinator data standards use cases report (dELIVERABLE 10.1)

This report presents an overview of projects, good practices, tools, and examples for creating, managing and sharing data related to plant-pollinator interactions, along with a work plan for conducting pilots in the next phase of the project.

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