Synthesis and coordination in WorldFAIR is led by CODATA in Work Package Two.

There are three components to this activity:
1) FAIR Implementation Profiles (FIPs)
2) Cross-Domain Interoperability Framework (CDIF)
3) Recommendations for Domain Sensitive FAIR Assessment

The objectives include to engage with and ensure alignment of the substantive activities of the case studies; to synthesise findings and recommendations across the case studies and project as a whole; and, to extrapolate cross-domain and domain independent recommendations.
WorldFAIR is responding to Recommendation 4 of the ‘Turning FAIR into Reality’ report:

‘Develop interoperability frameworks for FAIR sharing within disciplines and for interdisciplinary research: Research communities need to be supported to develop interoperability frameworks that define their practices for data sharing, data formats, metadata standards, tools and infrastructure. To support interdisciplinary research, these interoperability frameworks should be articulated in common ways and adopt global standards where relevant.’