Communication Toolkit

WorldFAIR logo(s)

The WorldFAIR logos are intended to be used on all publications, presentations, project outputs as well as outreach collaterals (defined as any digital or printed material used to communicate or promote WorldFAIR’s brand message and outputs). Access the WorldFAIR logos below:

WorldFAIR logoWorldFAIR-logo
WorldFAIR logo monochromeWorldFAIR-logo-monochrome
WorldFAIR petal diagramWorldFAIR-Petal-Diagram

Acknowledgment of EU Funding

Partners should use the logos found on this page when acknowledging EU Funding in their work.

WorldFAIR Community on Zenodo

WorldFAIR project outputs are being added to the WorldFAIR zenodo community.

Acknowledgement for publications

The following attribution is to be used inall all project outputs:

“This work was developed as part of the “‘Global cooperation on FAIR data policy and practice’ (WorldFAIR), funded by the EC HORIZON-WIDERA-2021-ERA-01-41 Coordination and Support Action under Grant Agreement No. 101058393, and we acknowledge the support provided by within the project partners and resources”.

Case Study Cards

These documents were prepared aiming to briefly showcase the goal, target audience and impact of the WorldFAIR disciplinary and cross-disciplinary case studies.

View the cards

Reusable materials

Slide templateWorldFAIR-slide-template (file download)
Reusable generic poster template
please download the PowerPoint template and edit as required
WorldFAIR-Poster-template (file download)
Reusable generic promotional flyerWF-generic-flyer
Information box (to be used in all project-related presentations)WorldFAIR-Information-Box (file download)
WorldFAIR poster WorldFAIR-poster_March23

Press releases

WorldFAIR Project – Kick-off meeting: press release (MS1)
WorldFAIR Project (M3): FAIR Implementation Profile Workshop

Roll-up banners

WorldFAIR Roll-up banner, March 2023WorldFAIR_banner_roll-up_March23