The project

The WorldFAIR project sets out to produce recommendations, interoperability frameworks and guidelines for FAIR data assessment. The WorldFAIR approach, outputs and modes of dissemination will significantly strengthen international cooperation in order to increase and mainstream FAIRness of data and digital objects. Aside from CODATA and the Research Data Alliance (RDA), who are leading the work, the project consortium (including the associated partners and collaborators) includes a number of authoritative international bodies (e.g., the Global Biodiversity Information Facility, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, OneGeochemistry), or institutions and projects with international reach (e.g., the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, the 5-year Salud Urbana en América Latina or Urban Health in Latin America (SALURBAL) project, Tonkin+Taylor), such that there is legitimate confidence that the recommendations and outputs will be implemented and have significant impact.

The project aims to join up disconnected initiatives on data management, data stewardship, and FAIR data practices, within and across disciplines and internationally, by utilising eleven case studies. These case studies, through their focus and the organisations involved, are well placed to do this; they have an important role in engaging their communities with the co-design of the interoperability frameworks and recommendations. The case studies will be assisted by the project leads, CODATA and RDA, and through targeted communication and dissemination towith the stakeholder communities identified.

Project Information

Project number: 101058393
Project name:Global cooperation on FAIR data policy and practice
Project acronym: WorldFAIR
Topic: HORIZON-WIDERA-2021-ERA-01-41
Type of action: HORIZON Coordination and Support Actions
Granting authority:European Commission-EU
Project starting date: 1 June 2022
Project end date: 31 May 2024
Project duration: 24 months