• Disaster Risk Reduction Case study report (Deliverable 12.1)

    Bolland, Jill; Fakhruddin, Bapon; Reinen-Hamill, Richard This report describes the types of data used for disaster risk reduction (DRR) and provides two country case studies, for Fiji and Sudan, with an in-depth look at the DRR datasets and associated metadata used by each country. These datasets were assessed against 15 FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable)…

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  • Data standard for sharing ecological and environmental monitoring data documented for community review (Deliverable 9.1)

    Miller, Joe; Robertson, Tim; Wieczorek, John Deliverable 9.1 for the WorldFAIR Project’s Biodiversity Work Package (WP09). Biodiversity standards are essential for FAIR data, in particular for interoperability.  Current standards need to be improved with new data models to better reflect the complexity of biodiversity and serve the information needed to address biodiversity loss and climate…

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  • Urban Health Data – Guidelines and Recommendations (Deliverable 8.1)

    Ortigoza, Ana This report provides a summary of actions and findings of the Urban Health Mapping and Assessment (Task 8.1) for WorldFAIR Work Package 08. Firstly, we assessed the implementation of FAIR principles within the Urban Health field, through two case studies: 1) the elaboration of a web data platform for the SALURBAL project (Urban…

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  • Geochemistry Scientific Content Component (Project Milestone)

    Prent, Alexander; Wyborn, Lesley; Farrington, Rebecca; Lehnert, Kerstin; Klöcking, Marthe; Elger, Kirsten; Hezel, Dominik NFDI4Earth; ter Maat, Geertje; Profeta, Lucia WorldFAIR Milestone 6, reported here, specifies work done and being undertaken for Deliverable 5.2 (due month 20), ‘Geochemistry Methodology and Outreach’, which has the following description: “This deliverable will outline the methodology used to develop…

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  • Nanomaterials domain-specific FAIRification mapping (Deliverable 4.1)

    Lynch, Iseult; Afantitis, Antreas; Exner, Thomas; Papadiamantis, Anastasios WP04 of WorldFAIR aims to increase the FAIRness (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability and Reusability) of nanomaterials datasets and computational models. The initial focus is on toxicity and safety-related datasets as this is where the bulk of the effort has been to date.  We note that nanomaterials are a…

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  • Digital recommendations for Chemistry FAIR data policy and practice (Deliverable 3.1)

    McEwen, Leah; Bruno, Ian The overarching goal of the WorldFAIR Chemistry Work Package (WP03) is to support the use of chemical data standards in research workflows, between and across disciplines. This will enable downstream data reuse through provision of practical direction and resources. The aim of this deliverable is to establish a framework that can…

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