FAIR Assessment

The FAIR principles have galvanised activity to draw more value from the data outputs of research. But how do we evaluate whether data and services, particularly the outputs of public funding, are truly FAIR? Can assessment tools and benchmarks assist in embedding good practice? A number of tools have emerged and good progress is being made. In a parallel development to that around data management plans, it is becoming recognised that there is need for such tools to be increasingly sensitive to the various requirements and technological approaches embedded in the practices of different research disciplines.

The reports and recommendations from each WorldFAIR Case Study, including the two FIPs exercises, will be synthesized and used to develop discipline sensitive recommendations for FAIR assessment and benchmarks.

The Case Studies and the information gathered from the FIPs will allow WorldFAIR to make useful recommendations to EOSC and to other organisations or projects involved in the development and implementation of FAIR assessment tools.