Geochemistry has applications in many disciplines including environment, resources (groundwater, minerals, energy), geohealth, ocean, and agriculture: it is a component of many UN SDGs. Fundamental to our approach is ensuring that in networking common components across these disciplines, we still enable a capacity for deeper disciplinary specialisation.

Through OneGeochemistry, an informal international network of national geochemical data infrastructure organisations, the geochemistry community seeks to define the minimum common variables for a set of geochemical data types and build them into FAIR Implementation Profiles, that can also be used by laboratories/ repositories/publishers for QA/QC validation of data.
Together with AuScope (Australia), GEOROC (Germany), EPOS Multi-scale Laboratories (Europe), EarthChem (US) and AstroMaterials (US), the OneGeochemistry network represents data on multiple geochemical elemental and isotope systems and instruments.

All are investing in building comprehensive databases at a national scale to store, curate and make geochemical data and related digital objects (physical samples, instruments, images, tools, etc) FAIR.


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Geochemistry Featured Outputs

D5.1 Formalisation of OneGeochemistry

WorldFAIR Geochemistry sets out to formalise the OneGeochemistry Initiative. With the exponential growth of data volumes and production, better coordination and collaboration is needed within the Earth and Planetary Science community producing geochemical data.

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Geochemistry Scientific Conntent Component (Milestone)

This Milestone describes progress towards developing a methodology designed to assist in defining the individual FERs required to fully describe the minimum scientific and technical variables used to describe any geochemical analysis
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