Geochemistry has applications in many disciplines including environment, resources (groundwater, minerals, energy), geohealth, ocean, and agriculture: it is a component of many UN SDGs. Fundamental to our approach is ensuring that in networking common components across these disciplines, we still enable a capacity for deeper disciplinary specialisation. The overall objective of this case study and pilot will:

– formalise OneGeochemistry as a network connecting key stakeholders from the global community
– determine a minimum set of variables for each data type, including metadata required for a sample
– from these, develop a set of FAIR implementation profiles (FIPs) and related vocabularies for different subdisciplines of geochemistry and publish in Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA)
– ensure the FIPs can be used by a laboratory/repository/publisher for QA/QC validation of the data.

Through OneGeochemistry, an informal international network of national geochemical data infrastructure organisations, the geochemistry community seeks to define the minimum common variables for a set of geochemical data types and build them into FAIR Implementation Profiles, that can also be used by laboratories/ repositories/publishers for QA/QC validation of data.

Together with AuScope (Australia), GEOROC (Germany), EPOS Multi-scale Laboratories (Europe), EarthChem (US) and AstroMaterials (US), the OneGeochemistry network represents data on multiple geochemical elemental and isotope systems and instruments. All are investing in building comprehensive databases at a national scale to store, curate and make geochemical data and related digital objects (physical samples, instruments, images, tools, etc) FAIR.



AuScope is Australia’s provider of research infrastructure to the national geoscience community working on fundamental geoscience questions and grand challenges — climate change, natural resources security and natural hazards — for the common good, into the future.   AuScope supports the acquisition, management and open accessibility of geological and geospatial data, and software to develop models…

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The WorldFAIR Geochemistry Work Package Deliverable 5.1 sets out to formalise the OneGeochemistry Initiative. With the exponential growth of data volumes and production, better coordination and collaboration is needed within the Earth and Planetary Science community producing geochemical data. The mission of OneGeochemistry is to address this need and in order to do so effectively the OneGeochemistry Interim Board has applied to become the OneGeochemistry CODATA Working Group. This application has been approved by the CODATA Executive Committee. The OneGeochemistry CODATA Working Group will be led by a chair and co-chair and will form expert advisory groups where required. Becoming a CODATA Working Group gives the OneGeochemistry Initiative credibility and authority to successfully pursue a long-term governance structure and accomplish the other WorldFAIR deliverables of WP5 (Geochemistry). 

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Geochemistry Scientific Content Component (Project Milestone)

Prent, Alexander; Wyborn, Lesley; Farrington, Rebecca; Lehnert, Kerstin; Klöcking, Marthe; Elger, Kirsten; Hezel, Dominik NFDI4Earth; ter Maat, Geertje; Profeta, Lucia WorldFAIR Milestone 6, reported here, specifies work done and being undertaken for Deliverable 5.2 (due month 20), ‘Geochemistry Methodology…

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WorldFAIR at RDA Plenary 20: Synopsis 

The WorldFAIR project partners were present at multiple breakout sessions throughout the RDA Plenary 20 week, either leading them or delivering short presentations. This section presents selected highlights of the project’s presence at the Plenary. Describing diverse chemistry datasets across distributed data resources…

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Formalisation of OneGeochemistry (Deliverable 5.1)

Report on the formalisation of the OneGeochemistry CODATA Working Group.  Project Deliverable D5.1 for EC WIDERA-funded project “WorldFAIR: Global cooperation on FAIR data policy and practice”. The WorldFAIR Geochemistry Work Package Deliverable 5.1 sets out to formalise the OneGeochemistry…

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