WorldFAIR at RDA Plenary 20: Synopsis 

The WorldFAIR project partners were present at multiple breakout sessions throughout the RDA Plenary 20 week, either leading them or delivering short presentations. This section presents selected highlights of the project’s presence at the Plenary. 

Describing diverse chemistry datasets across distributed data resources (FAIRChemistry – WP3, OneGeochemistry – WP5)

The Chemistry Research Data Interest Group ran a session titled ‘Describing diverse chemistry datasets across distributed data resources‘. The session provided updates and perspectives from regional and disciplinary initiatives relevant to chemistry, focusing on the challenge of describing chemistry data sets to enable interoperability and reuse across resources and domains. This was followed by a discussion that aimed to identify cross-community challenges that might be addressed through activities within the RDA. The discussion identified areas of focus that the group will aim to take forward, in collaboration with other RDA groups and community initiatives.

Presentations by FAIRChemistry (WP3)

As part of the Birds of a Feather session ‘Data representation in materials and chemicals based on harmonised domain ontologies‘ WP3’s Stuart Chalk presented the IUPAC Gold Book: A Compendium of Chemical Terminology, one of the series of IUPAC ‘Colour Books’ on chemical nomenclature, terminology, symbols and units. Stuart also showcased a Chemical Analysis Use Case in the session The Way to FAIR: from data collection to citation, and presented during the session Practical implementations of the I-ADOPT framework and future directions.

Agricultural Biodiversity (WP10)

Maarten Trekels gave an update on the WorldFAIR Case study on Plant-Pollinator interactions during the session Improving Global Agricultural Data (IGAD) Community of Practice First Steps and Way Forward

Cultural Heritage (WP13)

Joan Murphy gave a lightning talk during the session Expanding our horizons to new disciplines: harmonising on what is core to all on the high level objectives of WorldFAIR, the Cross-Domain Interoperability Framework (CDIF) and the potential relevance of WP13’s image file work for all disciplines.
On 20 March, Ari Asmi (WP14) welcomed WorldFAIR partners and RDA-EOSC Future Awardees to a joint networking event. The reception provided the perfect opportunity for closer collaboration between RDA projects with an EOSC focus and the WorldFAIR disciplinary case studies, in order to make connections along disciplinary data challenges, and to internationalise the European projects.
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