The WorldFAIR Project within the European and International Landscape – opening session to the webinar series: recording and presentations available

About the WorldFAIR webinar series

The WorldFAIR Project is launching a webinar series discussing all published and upcoming project outputs. A full list of confirmed webinars is available here.

The webinars will run from May 2023 to May 2024. They are free to attend. Each webinar will present a number of deliverables clustered thematically, and will provide an opportunity for attendees to address the authors and ask questions.

Opening session: The WorldFAIR Project within the European and International Landscape

The WorldFAIR project is a unique intitiative funded by the European Commision encompassing a wide range of international partners and initiatives. This webinar organised by the Communications team will present the project and the upcoming webinar schedule. Our speakers will address how other current initiatives such as EOSC Future and RDA TIGER can complement and support its activities, and present the project’s positioning within the European Commission’s international strategy as well as within the global data landscape.

Speakers: Simon Hodson (CODATA, WorldFAIR Project Coordinator)Hilary Hanahoe (RDA Secretary General)Javier López Albacete (Policy Officer, EC), and Ari Asmi (DirectorRDA Association AISBL).

The webinar took place on the 26th of May 2023, 13:00 – 14:00 UTC. The recording is available on the WorldFAIR YouTube channel:


Simon Hodson, Executive Director, CODATA: WorldFAIR Conception and Vision

Hilary Hanahoe, Secretary General, RDA: The Research Data Alliance and WorldFAIR

Ari Asmi, Director, RDA AISBL: WorldFAIR and (RDA) Europe

Alex Delipalta, Communications and Engagement Officer, RDA AISBL: Project Deliverables & Upcoming webinars

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