The WorldFAIR Webinar Series: Presenting Project Outputs – New webinar recordings now available!

The WorldFAIR project has now ran three webinars aimed to promote the work of the project and our case studies. You can now catch up with the recordings below – and make sure to register for future events!

WorldFAIR Project: Introduction to the WorldFAIR webinar series.

This webinar organised by the Communications team presented the project and the upcoming webinar schedule. Our speakers addressed how other current initiatives such as EOSC Future and RDA TIGER can complement and support its activities, and present the project’s positioning within the European Commission’s international strategy as well as within the global data landscape.

Speakers: Simon Hodson (CODATA, WorldFAIR Project Coordinator)Hilary Hanahoe (RDA Secretary General)Javier López Albacete (Policy Officer, EC), and Ari Asmi (DirectorRDA Association AISBL).

WorldFAIR Output Webinar Series: Overview of the projects first round of disciplinary reports: Updates from the Social Surveys and Cultural Heritage.

Steve McEachern, Director of the Australian Data Archive and CODATA Officer, spoke about opportunities for international alignment, harmonisation and implementation of FAIR for data from major social surveys in Europe and Australia.  Steve discussed the findings of the WorldFAIR case study on FAIR implementation for Cross-national Social Sciences Survey data (D6.1), the findings of the FAIR Implementation Profile exercises and the recommendations made for European Social Survey and Australian Social Survey Data.

Beth Knazook, Digital Repository of Ireland, talked about the findings and recommendations for cultural heritage image sharing platforms around the world.  Beth presented the findings of the WorldFAIR ‘Cultural Heritage Mapping Report’ (D13.1).

The WorldFAIR Output Webinar Series: FAIR Implementation Profiles (FIPs), the Cross-Domain Interoperability Framework (CDIF), and more
This webinar, part of the WorldFAIR webinar series: Presenting Project Outputs, discussed FAIR Implementation Profiles (FIPs), their role in the WorldFAIR project and methodology, its findings so far and recommendations derived from the project’s activities. The speakers also addressed the Cross-Domain Interoperability Framework (CDIF) in the context of WorldFAIR. 

The presentations are available on Zenodo.

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